3DRi™ Software Development tool-Kit


The 3DRi™ Software Development Kit (SDK) is a library of proprietary software algorithms that extract actionable information from OPAL™ 3D sensor data in real-time.

The 3DRi™ SDK consists of the 3DRi™ System Manager/API and the 3DRi™ Viewer together with optional 3DRi™ Plugins that add out-of-the-box features such as: object segmentation, recognition, tracking, automatic change detection, and automatic scan alignment. This software technology, combined with Neptec’s OPAL™ 3D LiDAR sensors, is a powerful application development platform for intelligent operator-assist and automation solutions that rely on real-time 3D perception of objects and features around a machine without post-processing of 3D point clouds.

Unlike conventional approaches to LiDAR mapping and monitoring where millions of 3D data points are captured and then painfully post-processed on a back-office system, Neptec’s approach focuses on intelligent processing of the OPAL scanner data to extract the actionable information right at the point of collection  and in real-time, supporting a “More Information, Less Data!” mindset.

The 3DRi™ SDK makes it easy to develop, integrate and support intelligent 3D perception systems for various machine automation, intelligent operator-assist and industrial applications. Neptec Technologies has been using its 3DRi™ SDK to create applications as diverse as automated stockpile volume reporting and mobile mapping to complex operator-assist solutions like truck spotting and collision avoidance beside excavators in open-pit mines.

The 3DRi™ Software Development Kit supports Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) and Ubuntu Linux 14.04 (32 or 64 bit). Please see below for typical system requirements.

3DRi architecture

Benefits of using the 3DRi™ SDK

  • Easy to integrate intelligent machine vision solutions using “out-of-the-box” functions like automatic scan alignment, segmentation, feature extraction, object tracking and change detection
  • Operates in real-time and from moving vehicles
  • Robust, proven algorithms suitable for mission-critical applications
  • Simplified  architecture – no need for data fusion from multiple sensor technologies
  • Reduces integration complexity and cost – no need to write and integrate custom algorithms to manipulate huge 3D point clouds
  • Focus on defining the application functionality, not on processing vast amounts of 3D data


3DRi System Manager /API

The 3DRi System Manager is the framework for collecting and managing 3D data from OPAL™ LiDAR sensors. It is based on an open “publish-subscribe” architecture where the components (“plug-ins”) communicate with each other through a lightweight Ethernet-based data distribution service. This allows the user to build applications that utilize only the required plug-ins for a particular application, and facilitates the scaling of applications from one computer to a series of networked computers.

The 3DRi™ System Manager is used to send commands to the OPAL 2.0 scanner, receive the raw scan data, and extract real-time information. Optional 3DRi™ Plug-ins provide specific real-time 3D data processing functionality (such as geo-referencing, filtering, alignment, segmentation, object recognition, object tracking etc.) and publish the processed data for use by other Plug-ins or the Application.

The 3DRi™ System Manager includes a simple graphical user interface (GUI) to configure and operate OPAL 2.0 scanners, an Application Programming Interface (API), and Web Engine. The user can easily load the OPAL™ data into commercially available 3D point cloud processing software packages and 3DRi™ supports various common 3D data formats (ASCII, .pif, .etc.).

Other features include Automatic Scan Scheduling and a Grid Generator that down-samples 3D data into a user-defined regularly spaced grid right at the point-of-collection, in real-time.

3DRI™ Viewer

The 3DRi™ Viewer can be used to view live or logged OPAL™ 3D data, including 3D point cloud visualization, data manipulation, range/elevation colourization, and basic size measurements of features in the data. The 3DRi™ Viewer also integrates seamlessly with the 3DRi™ System Manager GUI for scanner control and management of the installed Plug-ins.

3DRi™ Core Plug-ins

Optional Plug-ins provide core functionality commonly used in 3D sensor applications:

3DRi™ Register is used to easily register 3D point clouds to external navigation data in real-time (GPS & IMU).

3DRi™ Segment easily segments registered OPAL™ 3D data into ground and above-ground data in real-time.

3DRi™ Obscurants  enables the obscurant-penetration capabilities of the OPAL 2.0 scanner to detect the presence of obscurants in the raw data, control the OPAL 2.0  obscurant mode, and filter returns from obscurants from the 3D data. 3DRi™ Obscurants works in conjunction with patented OPAL™ waveform technology [ADD LINK TO TECHNOLOGY PAGE] to penetrate significant amounts of obscurants such as dust, fog, snow, and smoke.

3DRi™ Advanced Plug-ins

These proprietary Plug-ins can be used by OEMs and integrators to develop intelligent real-time applications.  Neptec Technologies generally participates in the development activities for applications that access this advanced functionality. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

3DRi™ Model manages 3D data from up to four OPAL 2.0 scanners in a coherent database.

3DRi™ Align  automatically aligns 3D data from different scans in real-time and without
reference markers.

3DRi™ Objects segments and classifies above-ground objects as stationary or moving
objects, or by size.

3DRi™ Detect  automatically detect changes in the 3D data in real-time.

3DRi™ Identify recognizes objects using a database of known objects. The Plug-in outputs object ID, type of object, and a confidence factor.

3DRi™ Track tracks objects in real-time. The Plug-in outputs object ID, position, speed and heading.


Typical 3DRi™ Application Architecture

The 3DRi™ SDK and OPAL™ scanners make it very easy to integrate real-time applications. A typical application architecture is shown below. The 3DRi™ SDK System Manager/API is an intuitive framework for developing the application and optional 3DRi™ Plug-ins can provide advanced “out-of-the-box” functionality. Application developers can focus on writing the application instead of having to worry about developing algorithms to process raw 3D data into useful information.




Neptec Technologies is available to assist you in understanding your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your specific application.